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Department of Emergency Medicine

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The Department of Emergency Medicine is the point of contact for the Viennese rescue organizations and for the Viennese population in medical emergencies. Outside regular ambulance hours, the physicians of the Emergency Department and the consultant physicians of many specialties care for patients arriving by themselves or hospitalized with the ambulance service. The recognition of potentially life-threatening diseases, rapid diagnosis and therapy place high demands on the team of the department. The goals of care are faster subjective well-being, shortening of the individual duration of illness and sick leave for each patient.
In addition, we train students and physicians in the fields of internal medicine, emergency medicine and intensive care medicine and are an internationally recognized research center.

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Human Medicine - N202

As part of the medical curriculum of the Medical University of Vienna, several courses and
internships are also offered by the University Department of Emergency Medicine.
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Clinical practical year

The University Department of Emergency Medicine offers 10 places per tertial for the clinical practical year. More about the CPY

Cardiac Arrest Center

The Vienna General Hospital is the first Austrian "Cardiac Arrest Center". The care of patients after cardiac arrest is challenging. Good preparation, a high level of expertise and exceptionally close interdisciplinary cooperation are required to master this challenge in the best possible way. More about Cardiac Arrest Center

Extrakorporale Reanimation (eCPR)

The Department of Emergency Medicine treats between 40 and 50 patients
in cardiac arrest or cardiogenic shock with Extracorporeal Life Support (ECLS) each year.
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Research Focus

Emergency medicine as a cross-sectional specialty needs research with different foci.
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Cooperations & Research Organizations

The University Department of Emergency Medicine has a long-standing national and international network with various institutions and research partners. This also allows us to make a significant contribution to cutting-edge research in the field of emergency medicine. More information